10 incredible tips for playing slot games like a pro!

Published On April 16, 2018 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

They say there is no ‘secret sauce’ for playing slot games – It’s your luck and the payout of the machine that matter the most. If you are trying online slot games on virtual casinos, you probably need to be a tad more careful, thanks to the five-reel games and more. To top it all, you have a bunch of themes and game ideas to choose from. In this post, we bring 10 tips that will come handy.

  • Use the right website. Sign up for websites such as fun88, which are fun, genuine, transparent and have more variety.
  • Always set a limit. Even the best slot ‘experts’ prefer setting up a limit to the amount they wish to spend, mainly because slots can be addictive.

  • Start small. If you are not sure of how slot games work, always start with smaller bets. Online casino bets for slot machines are really low, almost in pennies.
  • Slots with higher denomination bets usually have higher paybacks, which is again something you need to note.
  • A progressive slot is the one in which a part of each bet is added to the jackpot. There are other random slots, as well. If you want to win in progressive slots, you will have to bet big, often the highest in case of 3-reel slots.
  • Go slow. Many players often end up hitting the ‘bet max’ button too often. Try understanding the winning combinations and use your money wisely and judiciously.
  • Don’t try too many games at once. Websites like m fun88 have a bunch of choices, and it doesn’t make sense if you try too many slots at the same time.
  • Some slots are known for big payouts. As mentioned at the start of this post, the payout percentage of online slots differs, and you have to do your homework. Make sure to choose the right games.
  • Don’t believe manipulations. Many players would want you to believe that they know what it takes to cheat the slots, but that’s not possible. All slots use a random number generator, and that is not controlled by the casino or any person.

  • Don’t chase your wins. You win on a day, lose on another – do NOT chase your wins or losses. If have hit the highest for the day as per your budget, bet small or don’t bet at all.

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