A Perfect Guide for People Betting on Asian Handicap

Published On June 28, 2015 | By Jaqub Hadden | Betting

Asian handicap is a famous kind of football bet. As the name suggests, this betting is famous with Far East punters; however, are provided by UK bookmakers. Asian handicap betting can seem confusing but is actually quite straightforward.

What is this Kind of Betting?

Asian handicap betting’s basic principle is to eliminate the draw from the result of all football matches. This is carried out through a handicap application to one of the two teams that play in the match. Bookmakers do this as they wish to apply a goal or more handicap to their favorite team in order to win the game. The number of goal handicap provided to the favorite is determined by the favorite’s perceived chance.

Betting on Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap Example

If a team plays at home to another, bettors expect the home team to win comfortably. For betting purposes, bookmakers are likely to offer the other team a goal start of +2. Therefore, the home team would have to win by three or more goals so their backers would win. Those who backed the second team to win with a start of +3 and the game finished at 2-1 to the home team, the other team would have won on the handicap. In case the home team won by a couple of goals then stakes are given back. All Asian handicap bet odds are almost even money for the two teams with the handicap serving to make the equal between them.

Also, there is a slight variation to this example referred to as double handicap. In this variation, the ager is split in a couple of parts. If the game had to finish 2-1 to the first team, the second team’s backers would get half of their stake back and the backers of the second team would get a full stake refund plus one half of their stake as profit.

Asian handicap

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Asian handicap betting must be approached with some caution if it is your first time to take part in this kind of betting. You will need to know some odds tips and other pieces of information on how to increase your chances of winning. But once you gain experience, such bet provides an alternative way to benefit from football betting. Spend time reading helpful resources online and focus on finding on betting in a legitimate site. Learn more about Asian handicap and how it works from many reliable betting websites.

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