A Winner’s Guide to Online Roulette

Published On November 30, 2017 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

When one thinks of roulette, they immediately picture beautiful women in sparkling dresses and men in tuxedos throwing in large mounds of chips in and making a lot of money in return. Indeed, a fabulous life can be achieved through playing roulette online.

That is, however, if you play the best games, through the best online casinos, which are hosted by MPLcasino. Before you become a professional online roulette player, however, there are certain things that you need to iron out.

Starting with the Basics

Online roulette is a seemingly simple game, especially when played online. All that it consists of is the digital wheel, which a ball will spin on, and the roulette board. The roulette board is a kind of grid, which is made up 36 separate numbers, including 0. Each number is divided into two colors, red and black. Zero, however, is generally green.

Then there are also Odd and Even numbers, and the 36 numbers are divided into three brackets of dozens: what are known as the first, second, and third dozen. The symbols that you find on the board will be reflected on the wheel, which a ball will bounce about as the wheel spins very fast, which will decide whether you win big or not.

The Way to Play – The Basics of Betting

The objective of roulette is to try and predict just where exactly the ball is going to land on the wheel. You can stick to just single bets on one placement by putting down credits on the board symbol you believe the ball will land on, or you can go for the more spread out bets which cover several positions.

Let us take the example of betting on either Even or Odd. If you choose one of these options, then you will be betting on either all of the even numbers, or all of the odd ones. Then you can also bet on the three separate bracket divisions (first, second, and third).

There are some interesting combinations that you can group together when betting. You can line up a set of numbers, or a square-shaped betting grouping, or a whole column. As you gain more experience, you will see just how such combinations work more clearly.

Once you are happy with your betting decisions, simply click on the Spin button and watch with excitement as the ball makes its thrilling journey across the wheel. The ball will eventually land in a single position, and if it lands in a position that you selected, you win.

Choosing your Online Casino

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world, and so most online casinos that you visit are likely to have it in one form or the other. For this reason, it is essential that you ensure that you pick the online casino that provides the best payout percentage available.

The payout percentage is the ratio of returns versus money wagered that an online casino will run. For example, if you happened to wager $100.00 on an online casino running a 98% payout system, then they will keep $2.00.

While a high payout rate might be the most important thing you want to look for when choosing an online casino and roulette version to play, remember that the casino’s other features such as bonuses and promotional services are also very important to consider.

Why Online Roulette is Superior to Physical Versions

As roulette is one of the most popular games in any casino, you may find that space is very hotly contested at tables in physical casinos, where you may find yourself peering over the tightly packed shoulders vying for a position.

With online roulette, you can easily play by yourself, and the only time being taken is by you. As soon as you click the spin button, the game begins. This ease of access and convenience make the online version of this game far superior.

You can also find many online roulette games that allow you to make bets as little as a single dollar, unlike many physical casinos in which the minimum bets are often between $10.00 and $25.00. You can play your way when you play online.

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