Awesome Casino Tips from Unlikely Sources

Published On July 1, 2016 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

When it comes to playing casino games, seasoned gamblers and professional players are usually full of tips to share to rookies and anyone interested to gamble in aland based or anonline casino. They are considered the experts in the gambling world and any advice from them are worth trying. But sometimes the most awesome tips surprisingly come from dubious sources.

There are lots of guidelines, advices, myths and beliefs about casinos but these useful casino tips discussed below are awe-inspiring enough to share.

  • According to shopoholics, in order to choose the right casino game that best suits a player, he should practice “window shopping” for games until he finds the one he likes the most. Just like when going shopping, players should go around the gambling floor first, check out the different games and what the casino has to offer, observe how they are played, if you can, try to navigate the slot machines or video gamesto know what’s in store for you before finally playing.
  • Be friendly with the casino attendants and always make it a habit to tip dealers or even the waiters and bartenders. These people know some casino information that would boost your winning chances. Some attendants would give tips on which slot machine or what kind of slotgames payout a lot on that certain day.A marketing executive said that being pleasant to everyone, always having a smile on your face is the key to winning the hearts of people. If they warm up to you, you can easily acquire unsolicited help including casino tips that really work.
  • Hone your math skills. If you’re still in school and aspire to be a poker player, learn the math tricks which include counting with your mind quickly. Knowledge of statistics may also come handy in the future when you’re in a poker game. Poker is a game of chance and math skill plus a bit of statistics, a math professor turned professional poker player once said.
  • Follow the advice of computer technicians when looking for an online casino to trust your money with. Check the kind of security features, what kind of encryption they have and the software provider. Computer geeks know much about safety measures must haves for a casino that you can use as one of the basis when choosing a casino online to join and create an account with. A highly recommended site, Thai casino tops the list of the safest and most secure casino website.

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