Best 5 Teen Patti Apps to Play Rummy Online

Published On July 10, 2017 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

Teen Patti is a very popular card based Rummy game. The whole objective of the game to place bets depending upon your 3-card set. All the players are given an option to place bets on their set of 3 cards with (CHAAL) or without (BLIND) looking at the end. At the end of the hand, the player which has the higher ranking card set is declared the winner and wins all the chips placed in the bet.

The card ranking set from high to low is defined as Trio, Pure Sequence, Sequence, Flush, Pair and High Card. With the popularity of Teen Patti soaring high, many developers have launched a number of Teen Patti apps to help players play Rummy online against people from all around the world. Here are the best Teen Patti apps that you can download on your smartphones to play Rummy online.

Ultimate Teen Patti

This very popular Android based app is the best Teen Patti app on the Google Play Store. Developed and managed by India’s biggest Rummy site, RummyCircle, Teen Patti is the go-to app to play Rummy Online. This app provides you with four different game modes such as Classic Teen Patti, No-Limits Teen Patti, Tournaments and other variations of the game to enjoy on your devices. The app is available in both Hindi and English language and provides you with opportunity to win big prizes such as Tablets, Mobile Phones, etc.

Banko – Teen Patti Rummy

Another android based Teen Patti Rummy app which is becoming very popular among the Indian Android user base is the Banko – Teen Patti Rummy app. This app helps you to play your favorite 3-card game on your mobile phones against some of the best players of the world. With an ever-growing library of Rummy variations available on this app, you will never get bored of playing Rummy online ever again.

Teen Patti Live

The next-gen Rummy game app presented by Octro is taking the app store by storm. Teen Patti Live has seen a sudden surge in the number of users playing the game on their app due to a number of features the app provides. Now, you can play against your friends, relatives or random online players in online multiplayer matches on this app. Other important features of this app include a realistic dealer to make sure the game is very balanced, 3D card animations, tournament mode to play against multiple opponents at the same time and a variations game mode which include some very popular variations of the classic Rummy game.

Teen Patti – Indian Poker

This android app by Octro was the original Teen Patti game launched for the Android platform. This app helps you to play the three card based game online in a similar way in which you play in real-life. Besides Teen Patti, this app provides you with a number of other modes to play Rummy, Poker, Flash or Flush, Texas Holdem Poker and Three-card brag. The multiple game modes such as Public Table, 6 Patti and Variations allow you to play multiple matches against numerous other players across the world simultaneously.


One of the favorite Teen Patti apps for Android users is the Gamentio mobile app. This app not only helps you to play Teen Patti but you can also play other card-based games such as Rummy and Poker. Besides these, you can also play a number of Teen Patti variants such as Highest Card Joker, Muflis, AK47 and more in 3D on this android app. The private room option allows you to play only against your friends and no other player can join your table. The app also provides you with the option to buy Chips using the Gamentio Points which you earn by playing the game.

The Last Words

Teen Patti is the popular card-based game across the whole world and with a number of apps such as the Ultimate Teen Patti has helped to bring everyone’s favorite three card game to smartphones to help people play this game against friends, family and many other players from across the world anywhere and anytime they wantto.

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