Crucial Live Tournament and Tell Lessons for Playing Poker Efficiently

Published On June 6, 2018 | By Jaqub Hadden | Betting, Poker

Live tournaments can be crushing for first time online poker players. In a player’s viewpoint, each opponent is a terrible live player and when they can’t be beaten blame the variance. Poker playing rules are the same online as well as in live tournaments but can turn out to be a totally different sport.

Crucial live tournament lesson

You have been waiting impatiently for this live tournament but sitting at the seat you feel a little anxious and nervous. Remember the phrase, ‘Live tournaments can be defined as exploitative play’. It is a general rule, which applies for playing tough online tournaments but manipulative play is especially crucial while playing live.

  • The first thought during each decision needs to be how to exploit a specific opponents bluff
  • Categorize your opponents at first using broad assumptions and then sharpen your reads
  • As soon as you get an approximate idea of how the opponents play then determine the best way to exploit each one’s tendency
  • It seems just like problem solving game learnt in elementary school, where your task was to put rectangle shaped pieces into rectangle shaped holes.
  • If you come across an opponent, who appears to play well then make sure to play more stable and when you identify a weak tendency exploit it.

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Understand live tells in detail

Control live tells

Live poker means you are playing poker in a physical setting. Some people are capable of maintaining calmness in every situation but if you are not then get a hoodie to bury yourself comfortable or a scarf or sunglasses. It seems silly to cover yourself but it is a profitable way rather than looking cool and exposing oneself. As you continue playing, you will gradually learn the trick of armoring yourself.

Never give fake tells

Poker is a guess game but feeding false tells, justifies horrible play spirit. Just shield your tells and allow the cards to act naturally.

Concentrate on strategies

Trying to pick tells is difficult, so enter live tournament with an assumption that your play will not depend on physical tells. Trying to identify tells rather than observing the hands and opponent’s strategies can easily spoil your decision-making ability. It can turn very costly, if your alleged tell is wrong. If you really pick some tell and are confident in your identifying then take action.

Shake of the nerves

Live poker includes a lot of stress and is also fun. Players have different triggers to release stress hormones like bluffing or feel self-conscious. Some can shake off the nerves but if you cannot then embrace it. Shake all the time like suffering from epileptic seizure. Don’t make effort to stay calm, it can make you self-conscious.

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