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Published On May 31, 2016 | By Jaqub Hadden | Poker

Poker by far is the most successful casino table game that has quickly spread all over the world and became a lucrative gambling game and a profitable profession as well. Thanks to the poker tournaments being aired on TV, poker’s popularity has immensely grown over the years.

A lot of poker enthusiasts and poker player wannabes are curious what the experts have to say about this famous game. Here are some interesting thoughts, tips and advice experts share about poker. These experts come from different sectors, from the top poker professional players, poker books authors, to well-known commentators and poker aficionados.

  • According to a World Poker Champion, you need to be aggressive at the table with your bets and raises. Being aggressive in handling bets can give you the best hand, cause your opponents to fold or get pressured and commit mistakes.
  • An author of a poker book emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy bankroll to avoiddepleting your stash. You need to have a capital large enough to tolerate a continued slump, like be ready to lose every single month.
  • Do not make the mistake of playing too many hands. It will not increase your chances of winning but rather would accelerate your bankroll loss. Most of the time in a poker game, the right move is to raise or fold.
  • A poker pro said there a lot of different types of math involve in poker and the most basic level math is centered on pot odds. He regretted why poker wasn’t thought in math class.
  • Playing poker helps to get to know people quickly by their facial expressions, bodygestures and verbal reactions.
  • One thing odd about poker: It is the only profession in the world where it is a great advantage to be surrounded with the biggest morons.
  • From a seasoned gambler: At the end of the day, poker is just like life. It’s all about money – sales, confidence and bluffing. You must look and act like a millionaire before becoming one.

People fascinated with poker, experts, amateurs or just fans have different views about the game. Nevertheless, coming from experts in the poker world makes every statement counts and motivating enough. If you’re one of the poker fanatics and you want to learn the rope of the game, start with playing online poker games. Royal gclub online offers free poker trial lessons especially designed for beginners or download royal1688 poker tutorials for novice players.

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