Great Reasons To Play Slots Online Rather Than At Land-based Casinos

Published On August 20, 2019 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

Pay-outs are great

Land-based casinos have to cover the overheads cost, which is enormous. Online casinos don’t need to pay property rents, staff, energy bills, and maintenance costs. The money that is thrown in the slot machines gets returned in the form of great pay-outs.

Odds can be enhanced

Since the inception of slot machines, there has been no change in its payback percentage. The odds of each spin is same – ‘Odds always favor the house’. However, if this was the same all the time, no one would be playing free online slots. Today, players get great entertainment value with animations and bonuses offered. According to winnings, a player playing consistently can enjoy a big win. The huge win may never change your life but can give you some break to go on a vacation or shopping.

Odds cannot be changed but you can improve your chances to win.

  • First choose a regulated, audited and accredited online casino.
  • The next step is to check the pay-out percentage referred to as RTP [Return to Player], which can range between 96% – 99%.
  • Even look for cold and hot games to find, which machines have been paying out and which haven’t.

No distractions

Land-based casinos are famous for being noisy with people screaming and shouting. Waiters also offer free drinks. Excitements fuel player’s adrenaline, when they chase the crucial big win. The risk attached to distraction is that players are unable to concentrate and find themselves betting inconsistently.

On the other hand, when slots are played from home, there is peace and calm. It allows the players to only concentrate on the game.


  • No need to travel long distances and get a chance to play just for half an hour.
  • Online casinos offer flexibility to play as long as you want because you can access slots 24/7 on the internet.

Low betting limits

Bankroll management is crucial when you wager. Visit MyBettingDeals, where you can play slots at different price points, even low betting limits.

Colossal progressive jackpots

Besides low betting limits, you can even enjoy slots linked with a vast grid of players contributing to a colossal jackpot. Part of each losing bet gets added to a shared prize pool, which builds into a progressive jackpot. Therefore even a small bet can win a massive cash prize.

Free spins and welcome bonuses

Every online casino offers a welcome bonus or match bonus to new players. Some casinos offer no deposit sign up bonus. You just need to shop around and look for online casinos offering great deals. This allows new players to learn the game for free.

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