Greyhound Racing: Choosing your Favorite Dog for the Win

Published On June 25, 2015 | By Jaqub Hadden | Betting

Greyhound racing is one of the world’s oldest animal sports. In this sport, the first dog to cross the finish line wins. The dogs will chase a rabbit on a track which is the same track used on horse racing. Such sport is quite famous in the U.S. and UK; however, these days greyhound racing is already available in Ireland, Mexico, Australia and other countries.

Betting on Greyhound Dogs

Today, it is possible for everyone to bet on his favorite dog. And it is possible for people to win big with their small bets. It is great to know that each dog has a particular value and before you bet on one, you have to select the best. The choice is not as simple as picking a pet to take care of in your house. Because this is betting, you need to become an informed bettor and you should not let others influence your choice.

Betting on Greyhound Dogs

If you wish to bet on these dogs, learn about greyhound dogs. This can be done by checking back a dog’s past performance. You have to know the number of times such greyhound won before and the number of times it lost the race. Just like horses, greyhounds prefer specific distances and are just great for particular race class. Additionally, it is worth knowing that greyhound races are not as profitable as horse racing. Also, get as much tips for greyhound racing as you can to increase your winning chances.

Greyhound Attributes

  • Front Runners-Early speed greyhounds are of two kinds. One kind is a dog that jumps out of the box well at the beginning and get an early advantage while the other tends to moderately get away from the start. The dog that gets ahead quite early is expected to exert plenty of early energy.

Greyhound Attributes

  • Closers or Late Speeds-Greyhounds that form late surges at the end of the race will get away from the start quite slow. With this, they will be able to save some energy for the final round. A closer greyhound usually pushes hard passing a lot of dogs.

Closers or Late Speeds-

  • Class-Identifying the dog’s class can be tough. A great indication of such class is to know its previous grade entries. Check whether the dog is stepping up in grade. In case this is available, know how the dog did as he previously raced in the same or higher grade as the present race.


  • Heart– Such attribute is quite essential in any greyhound. Tight tracks tend to make argy-bargy kind of race. Usually, this results in a greyhound being bumped on a turn leaving him losing some ground. A number of greyhounds will either try to recover or fall away. Dogs that can recover a mishap in the race are usually considered to have a great heart. Thus, they will be able to overcome all troubles in the race and such kinds are often quite famous with punters because they get the worth of their money with them.


These days, betting on greyhounds can be possible from everywhere. There are many websites for every person to bet on his favorite greyhound for free with no deposits. But you also have the option to play it for real money.

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