Latest USA Mega Millions Results and Winners

Published On September 10, 2015 | By Jaqub Hadden | Lotteries

The Mega Millions has been one of the most popular lotteries that draw out in USA along with the Powerball game. It is apparent to see why. The prize money is usually huge, no less than 15 million USD. It the past few years, the prize money has reached approximately nine-figure amount. In order to play, you would be required to spend a minimum of one USD on a single ticket. The amount for ticket has been made quite affordable for common people. You would be required to pick five major numbers along with a bonus ball number, making six numbers to be picked overall. People contemplating their chances to win the jackpot have to match all the five, inclusive of the bonus number. This is known as the Mega Millions ball.

Mega Millions ball

However, matching a single ball would also be sufficient to claim a prize starting from 2USD. In case, you have purchased the ticket, you should not forget to check the result. It might sound impractical, but a plethora of people tends to forget how important it would be to ensure the safety of the purchased lottery ticket. You would be required to check the results. The online world if full of stories about people purchasing lottery tickets and forgetting about it completely. As a result, they tend to forget about checking the results for all kinds of reasons. Life could be busy at times, making you forget about some important things in life. In such a scenario, how would you check the results?

The Mega Millions

Checking lottery results

You could check lottery results in newspaper and on the World Wide Web. An array of websites has been made available for your perusal. Other options available for checking lottery results would be newer televisions having interactive service or on your mobile phone through a text message. You also have the option of watching the draw live. However, it would depend on the area you have been residing presently. You would also watch the result on the official website of the lottery later.

Checking lottery results

Checking result on the lottery website

Checking on the lottery website would be a great option, as you would be able to view the breakdown different winning numbers. In addition, you would be able to view how many people that have won the jackpot. Furthermore, you would be able to view how many people have been lucky enough to match all the five numbers, how many people have matched only four and how many people have won three and so on. You could play USA lotteries online and stand a chance of winning the jackpot.

Checking result on the lottery website

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