Popularity of Indian Rummy game in India

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Rummy, whether it is Indian Rummy, or Online Rummy, or just any other card game in digital or analog format, there is always that high level of ecstasy carried away with it. When you play Rummy, especially Indian Rummy, the ecstasy just shoots to double and treble. The rummy card game played in India has minimum of two companions and a maximum of four and six companions.  India is the country, where community engagements are always one of the means to get connected with people.  If there is no rummy, then all such engagements are off the track.

Moreover, such community engagements in India are seen as the larger part of family rituals and traditions. It is also the kind of culture, for the kids as well as the grownup people. The card decks lying on table make an overwhelming difference. And more significantly, the expanse of gossip going around the rummy is far more exciting. Players are not laying the game, but there is also popular chit chatting happening around the game.

Indian rummy game has different formats, and with inclusion of kids, the range of formats has changed quite a lot.  It is not a new thing to find the version change happening in rummy card game.

Rummy Flows Down the Indian Traditions

Playing cards in general, has not been something, which just happened in recent decade. Card playing had been the part and parcel of Indian culture for many years, and even ages.  We have witnessed our grandparents playing the cards game, and rummy was always part of it. Indian rummy card game has descended from one generation to another, from one ethnic cultural group to the other. There is an excessive cross-cultural and cross racial tide associated with playing rummy.  Although rules of game have changed somewhat, the overall character, and other factors have still remained the same.

Rummy card game has still been the part Indian society, which is all the more multi-cultural and multi-racial in nature.

Reason of Popularity of Rummy Game in India

While there have been many digital and non-digital versions of rummy, the scope and popularity of Indian rummy has never fathomed. It has continued to make the difference in lives and styles of the Indians. Rummy in India is played with 13 cards, and each player has to make a pure sequence to play rummy. Indian Rummy is indeed the best card playing game to look around. It gives every player the reason to win and the excitement multiplies among the players all the time.

The extent of popularity is further addressed, when the game is played in small community rooms and even in the bedrooms. Friends and family members are invited over the lunch or dinner and there is a new bout of rummy afterwards. Interest in the game reaches to newer levels when challenge to meet pure sequencing is increased.

The popularity of Indian rummy game has grown to new levels, and all of it is the result of fervor and excitement associated with gaming event.

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