Taipei Business Magnate Reveals Plan to Build One of Taiwan’s First Casinos

Published On May 20, 2016 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

Casino gambling is illegal in Taiwan until the Offshore Island Development Act was amended sometime in 2009 allowing the building of casinos offshore, specifically in the small island of Matsu. Inhabitants in favor of a casino resort were delighted believing it will paved the way to more infrastructure and will help promote the island’s tourism, thereby improving the lives of the locals. Taiwanese gamblers on the other hand are thrilled to have casinos in their country, saving them time to travel to Macau, Singapore or the Philippines just to be able to play.

Several well known casino resort veterans including MGM Resorts and Las Vegas Sands expressed their interest on setting up a casino resort in Taiwan due to its wide market reach, from China to Korea and Japan, which are all in close proximity to Taiwan. However, one of Taipei’s richest business tycoons also unveiled its plan to build one of the first casinos in his country.

The mogul who owns a chain of hotels and resorts not only in Taiwan but all over Asia is said to partner with GClub Group of Companies, a reputable forerunner of online casinos and also the owner of one of the oldest operating casinos in Asia. The partnership aims to create a state-of-the-art theme park casino resort that includes luxury hotels, wide array of international restaurants, high-end shopping mall, sports and events convention center, wellness centers like spas and gyms and a modern amusement park. It will be an Asian-inspired, GClub SlotCasino Resort similar to Resorts World Singapore and Genting where relaxation, shopping, fun and entertainment are fused in one place.

The Matsu Island, when developed is a perfect get away destination not only for casino enthusiasts but also for families, tourists and for anyone who needs a laid back place to rest, have a great time and get pampered. While residents are looking forward for the construction to start and for their lives to change for the better, people that are against casinos invading Taiwan are opposing the start of the development. They are protesting for it not to push through for fear that it will destroy the natural state of the island and the negative impact it will bring to the environment.
While the plans of eager casino investors are promising, government estimated the earliest time for its very first casino to open is on 2019.

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