The history and development of the online casino

Published On May 3, 2016 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

Casino Online

Modern technologies are rapidly evolving. Nowadays, the Internet is in every house. It connects to a network, most people on the planet. With the help of the Internet we communicate, work and play. Today we will talk about how the network appeared the first online casino, which gave a huge boost to the crazy gambling industry.

In 1994, the British company Microgaming developed the first platform for network gaming establishments, where it was possible to build a full-fledged online casino. The exact release date of the first site, which provided Gambling for money is not known. But in 1996 all over the world about 15 such projects have been registered. Soon the government of Antigua and Barbuda has issued a bill on which legal basis on the operator can obtain a license for the provision of games of chance from the country. In 1997 there was the first online bookmaker and began the rapid growth of online casinos.

Casino Online

After a year in gambling establishments appeared online progressive jackpot. Thanks to this innovation popularity of gambling casinos on the net began to grow even more. Potential winnings huge haunt the minds of the players, creating a chic advertising for gambling enthusiasts all over the world.

It is also grown rapidly and competition. In 1999, the market of online casinos has a new young and ambitious project Playtech. He became one of the most sought after in the corporate market segment. Due to the serious competition gambling sector has started to develop with even greater speed. Winnings are constantly increasing, and the conditions for the game every day gets better.

Casino Online

For safety reasons in 2002 it was set up uniform standards in the online gambling industry. Online casinos have started to pass certification. Interests players defended specially created organizations.

However, the first problem to have to wait a long time. The total turnover of all online casinos in the world has increased incredibly. Most of the profit was obtained thanks to the players from the United States. And the current President George W. Bush took the radical decision in 2006 – he has forbidden Gambling on the Internet at the legislative level. Then 3 consecutive years the Democrats did their best to remove this restriction, but they still did not work. Just today there have been some changes in this regard.

Now on the Internet, there are more than 15 thousand of casinos. The range of services offered at several times the list of available games in land-based casinos. More information about this can be found here:

In many countries, online casinos are still banned, but in political circles tense debate about legalization because of the desire not to lose millions of dollars of profit.

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