What You Should Not Do If You Happen To Win A Lottery

Published On August 31, 2016 | By Jaqub Hadden | Lotteries

Imagine becoming a multi millionaire overnight. How that feels? Of course, it feels awesome.

And believe it or not, it is not at all impossible. Thanks to lotteries and pokers, we still have people among us to tell the stories of rags to riches. Definitely, winning a lottery or a poker game is a life changing event and supposedly it is going to bring positive changes in the life of the winners. But sometimes, the unthinkable happens. People fail to deal with the unexpected fortune and eventually it brings their downfall. Poker sites like poker 188bet have seen countless people wining big amount but eventually end up spending the last dime in their pursuit of happiness.

Despite winning millions in the lottery, poverty gallops back as these people lose their mind and start spending money like anything. Lottery winners become easy targets of buglers and you will see a steady rise in the number of enemies. So, as you can understand, money is not about unabashed happiness and good luck; it can devastate your life and can make your life miserable if you fail to deal with the sudden influx of fortune in the form of money firmly.

So, if you happen to win a fortune in the lottery, please do not repeat the following mistakes –

Tell Everybody that You Have Own A Lottery

It is quite expected of you that you will share the story of your sudden fortune with known and unknown people. But this is just another way of courting trouble. Chances are quite high that you will get abducted and your family will receive phone calls for ransom. If nothing of this sort happens to you, the credit goes to your lucky star. However, you can at least expect your relatives and friends asking you to return their favors that they have done in some remote past in the form of some ‘small’ monetary compensation. So, try to remain anonymous as long as you can.

You Did Not Sign The Ticket

This is probably the dumbest mistake that you can afford to commit after winning a jackpot. The ticket can be stolen or snatched from your forcefully. So, make a point that the ticket is signed by you otherwise anybody can grab that ticket and show it to the lottery agency to collect the amount. So either sign the ticket or report it to the state.

You are Over Confident

If I am not totally wrong, you have been living a miserable life otherwise you would not wasted or invested your hard earned money on something unpredictable like a lottery. So, probably you do not know for sure where to invest this huge amount of money so that you do not end up burning them all. Sorry to say, even your best buddy may not be the right person in this regard. You need to get the assistances of a team of professionals who know how to safeguard your saving against all odds.

You Withdraw All the cash

You definitely do not need all the money up front. Unless you do not wish to get back to square one, you should withdraw a small portion monthly from that astronomical amount. And of course, you need to find a legitimate investment advisor and tax expert for better management of your money.

You Lose Your Mind

It is quite natural to will lose your mind if you happen to win a lottery. Making a switch from a simple lifestyle to a lavish one is not an easy one. Your expectation of life will change drastically. You will find yourself burning dollars on gambling in Las Vegas or cruising on the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Of course, you have the democratic right to enjoy your life the way you want, but you need to put a rein on your lavish lifestyle otherwise you will end up breaking the bank faster than the speed of light.

You become The ‘Generous Jack’

So, you go out to buy Mercedes for your girl friend or girl friends maybe. Spending money on expensive cars, boats, villas are good as long as you are not buying them every day and for everyone. However, I am not asking you to be a cheapskate but restraining your buying impulse sometimes is good for the health of your bank account. Buying 10 cars at the same time or buying a villa for celebrating your birthday is just a bit too crazy.

You are The ‘Financial savior’ of Everybody Around

Once you won a lottery, your friends and family members will start coming to you and make you listen to their crazy business ideas in the hope that you will find them interesting and eventually fund their business. Of course, some of those ideas may be great but how on earth these ideas are going to get materialized, if the person, who is making a pitch for it, does not know what it takes to make a business successful.


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