Will Bot Min Clones Eventually Replace Human Croupiers?

Published On May 27, 2016 | By Jaqub Hadden | Casino Tips

Gambling, since ages ago has always been a popular form of recreation all over the world. The onset of technology paved the way to land-based casinos that quickly scattered in several countries and later on, goldenslot online, the forerunner of internet based casinoswas created and since then, online casinos are rampantly increasing each year.

Technological innovations are certainly changing the face of casinos for the better with improved high-tech machines and digitally enriched games. These innovative advances have opened the floodgates for developers to create robots for casino purposes.

Paradise Entertainment Ltd., a Hong Kong based gaming machine manufacturer created a human-like female robot named “Min”, believing casino operators will very much welcome the invention in their casinos to minimize labor costs. The life-like bot is aimed to take the place of human casino dealers in the near future. The robot was designed to deal cards but its developer said the robot will still be further enhanced to have more human expressions, recognize faces of players and speak in multiple languages.

Robot Min made its very first appearance and showed her skills as a robotic croupier in a gaming show in Macau late last year. Paradise also plans to pitch the robot in casinos in the United States and other potential overseas buyers where human labor cost is very high or where human dealers are banned. Aside from saving on man power costs, Bot Min and her clones are efficient, can deal faster than humans and will not whine.

Can Bot Min really capable of replacing the human dealers? A lot of people, especially regular casino goers are raising eyebrow and cringing to the thought that one of these days, they will enter into their favorite casino full of humanoid robots from receptionists, customer assistants, servers to table dealers. They said it’s not only strange but definitely scary. One gamer said, he might run out of the casino if a robot employee will start talking to him. While others have no qualms having a bot croupier, mainly for tourist attraction purpose, majority still want real humans to deal their cards. According to them, there are a lot of things humans can do aside from just dealing cards.

Many believe changing the course of casinos to the robot age is not a good idea. For a moment, it will be a trend but eventually people will overcome their curiosity and would still prefer real human interactions.

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